Family Tree Song

The new lyrics to "Unsere Stammbaum" by Gaby Falk

The song "Unsere Stammbaum" was written by the Cologne band Bläck Fööss and Hans Knipp. First published in the year 2000, it quickly advanced and became a popular hymn celebrating the different nationalities of the forefathers of the Cologne citizens. Concerned about the refugees who are coming to Cologne today, our director and actress Gaby Falk rewrote the lyrics in such a moving way, that three members of the group Bläck Fööss will perform the new version at the Welcome-Matinee at the Kölner Philharmonie.

I'm an honest man from Syria
Fled my country’s crying fields
And me, I come from Kosovo
I’m a gypsy without shield
I was born in Nigeria
And in Afghanistan
Escaping death for freedom
That’s how it all began

That´s how we all came here together
We’ll talk in different tongues no more
We gained so much by having gathered
We are who we are
Cologne’s Carnival stars
or we have got another chance
(c) German original by Hans Knipp / Bläck Fööss

All humans come from Africa
I had to take a boat
It cost me my last penny
It could have cost my throat
We are Kurds and we’re Yasidis
We are children of the Lord
Seeking only peace and freedom
To come safely into port

My cradle in the Ukraine
Stood in my parent’s town
The country that I’m crying ’bout
Got ruined and burned down
I had to leave my sweet home
My heart is sad and blue
And here I am - with empty hands
A refugee to you

I was born in Eritrea
And me in Pakistan
And me, I am a Persian
Escaped from the Iran
I speak Farsi, Sanscrit, Urdu
Arabic and Pashtu
I’ll learn your funny lingo-Kölsch
To sing along with you

© 2015 Gaby Falk